Explore Volos
1910 Lifestyle Hotel is located in the heart of Volos, on the outskirts of  the enchanting Pelion mountain.   The city is built on the site of Ancient Iolkos, where Jason and the Argonauts sailed with the legendary Argo to the Black Sea to retrieve the Golden Fleece.  Volos marks an important commercial and tourist center harmoniously combining diverse styles.   Located very close to the picturesque villages of Pelion, the blue beaches of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean, it is an important port hub to the the islands of Northern Sporades.   Set amongst a newly revitalized commercial area, 1910 Lifestyle Hotel’s location offers stunning views of the port, great walks along the promenade, archeological sites in the close vicinity and the local food venues.
Gastronomic destination
A city of history, culture and life that always captures the feelings and interests of people from different parts, Volos offers exhilarating gastronomic experiences with traditional local delicacies. Tsipouro, a local distilled spirit known as the symbol of pride, dignity and valor of the ordinary people is best enjoyed with local food such as mountain mushrooms, spentzofai, tsitsirafla, pies and sausages of local producers.
Bus Station
Train Station
Volos Port
Nea Anchialos Airport
How to reach Volos
The geographical location of the prefecture makes it easy to access both from Athens and Thessaloniki. The distance from Athens is 324 km and the journey by car takes about 4 hours while from Thessaloniki it is 210 km and the journey by road takes about 2 hours, following the National Road in both cases. Alternatively you can get to the city by bus or by train, via the intercity line. At the same time, there are international charter flights from foreign countries directly to the airports of Nea Anchialos and Skiathos.